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The Good Pod Guide

With The Good Pod Guide team, I scour the internet to find the very best podcasts for you to sink your teeth into. Saving you the research, time and false starts in the hunt for the perfect pod, these bite-sized reviews will help you work out what your new favourite listen will be. I’ll be up-front about the much-hyped offerings that everyone says you “have to listen to” as well as digging out some gems from the hidden recesses of the internet. So, sit back and relax and in the immortal words of Robbie Williams: let me entertain you.

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Season With Salt

Season With Salt is a weekly show on Christian dating app SALT’s YouTube channel exploring all things being single and dating in the Church. 

 Along with guests, Lauren tackles the trials, laughs and tribulations of navigating single life. Topics include thing like: “Is a kebab shop a good first date location?”, “Is being single better than being married?” and “Can Christians slide into DMs?”

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