If you’re here because you know I’m in recovery and you would like to be too, you’re so welcome.

 When I was drinking and using drugs, I remember frantically Googling to see if I could find someone with a message of hope I could cling on to. Back then there was very little to cling on to.

Everything’s changed since then and there are now sober voices all over the place that are powerful and inspiring. I got clean and sober using a number of different tools; anonymous fellowships (alcoholics, narcotics and cocaine addicts anonymous), a brilliant therapist, the support of friends and family, the support of a sponsor and of others in recovery, church, books, podcasts and blogs. But these aren’t the only ways, there are plenty of charities and also NHS drug and alcohol services that are on hand. You just need to take the bravest step and tell someone you need help.

I don’t know anyone who has overcome an addiction on their own; seek help, be honest, be open, be willing and you will get there. Most of all I want you to know that no matter how old you are, how young you are, how much you consumed or what you did when under the influence, there is always a path to a life of freedom available for you. I believe that and you must too. Your life is too valuable to sacrifice your liberty to chemicals, the world will open up for you when you break free of them. But for now, you have to do something to help yourself.

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