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Despite regularly having to write a “bio”, I find the process a bit self-promoting and awkward. With that said, so as to protect me from your judgement, please continue to read on for a list of my achievements. All of these can be explored on the pages of this website.

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I’ll start with my proudest accomplishment to date: on 22nd April 2014 I got clean and sober from a cocaine and alcohol addiction that almost stole every good thing from my life. I was in Paris at the time and with the help of supportive friends, a local church and support group meetings, I turned my life around.


Having previously done copywriting for the marketing team at a restaurant group, I moved back to London to hone my writing skills and trained as a journalist. I went straight from the pressure of the NCTJ shorthand exams (the nightmares still haunt me) to the pressure of a busy newsroom, working for two years as a digital features writer for national tabloids. Later I went freelance and wrote for: Vogue, Huffington Post, Marie Claire, Red Magazine, Mail Online, The Star, Premier Christianity, Woman Alive, Church Times, Sober Girl Society, The Good News and others. I also head up the digital opinion page for Premier’s women’s magazine Woman Alive

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public speaking

In 2018 I gave a TEDx Talk about my personal story of addiction and recovery which now has almost 400k views. I continue to do public speaking about addiction and recovery, speaking for corporate events, charities, schools and churches.


During 2020’s lockdown I had a book commissioned by publishers SPCK. Notes on Love: Being Single and Dating in a Marriage Obsessed Church, is out now. I’ve done plenty of podcasts, interviews and TV appearances to promote it. I also host The Good Pod Guide, a podcast designed to help you discover your next great listen without trawling through hours of content. Plus I’ve ghost written a best selling book, but you know I can’t tell you any more about that.

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ariadne social

Through Ariadne Consultants, I offer social media consultancy for authors and have had the pleasure of working on the launch of a couple of amazing books.  

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what else?

I’m also the proud owner of a Blue Peter badge and have a grade four ice-skating. I feel I should reward anyone who has bothered to read this right to the end with a nugget of new information that you can’t find anywhere else. So, I will take the opportunity to confess that I brush my teeth with warm water. I like it better, it’s like a hug in my mouth and I think everyone should do it too.

If you want to discuss my work or offer a rebuttal on my argument for warm-water teeth brushing, use the contact page to drop me a line.

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